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Video Surveillance

Sprinx Technologies is able to provide video surveillance solutions based on analog, over-IP and hybrid solutions, integrated with video analytics (VCA) enhancing the standard features of CCTV systems.
Sprinx DOMINO VMS is a feature rich corporate grade surveillance solution that scales easily to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. It can be easily integrated with a wide variety of other systems ranging from automatic incident detection to license plate recognition. Sprinx DOMINO is the perfect solution for tunnel video surveillance and city surveillance solutions. Despite its extreme adaptability, the driving design philosophy behind the DOMINO has always been ease of use.
DOMINO can practically manage unlimited number of servers and cameras in one centrally managed environment, providing both performance and efficiency for surveillance data processing. It supports thousands of IP cameras and video encoders from all major manufacturers.

Sprinx is not a simple solution provider but a true technology partner, specialized and qualified. Sprinx offers cutting-edge support based on Customer's specific needs and requirements selecting technologies and products to suit every need.

Easy to Use

Sprinx DOMINO is the perfect solution for businesses and security centers of any size. Extremely flexible and customizable, DOMINO can adapt to any video surveillance situation. Control thousands of cameras and other devices across multiple sites. The centralised management system allows you to add or remove cameras and recorders, set users’ rights, manage live and recorded video and export evidence with a few simple clicks.

Remote Control of the System

Through the software application DOMINO Spotter it's easy to control and manage the system both locally and remotely. It's also possible to access the recording server through the web browser on both Windows and Mac iOS. With the free DOMINO Mobile App you can control the system across multiple sites, anywhere, anytime via iPad, iPhone and Android.

Intelligent Video Analytics

A complete suite of video analytics can be added to any network camera (thermal cameras too). Results can be visualised through the DOMINO Spotter interface or analysed through DOMINO Reporting to evaluate and improve the performance of the security system. DOMINO VCA provides, for each camera, several detection rules.


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