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Sprinx Traffic AID

HomeSolutionsAutomatic Incident DetectionSprinx Traffic AID
HomeSolutionsAutomatic Incident DetectionSprinx Traffic AID

Sprinx Traffic AID

Sprinx Traffic AID is an edge-based application running on-board all Hanwha Techwin high definition Wisenet X cameras. It’s a full AID solution that allows reliable detection of incidents and events in traffic flow on critical infrastructure such as roads, highways, tunnels and intersections.

Based on the field proven video detection technology of SX-TRAFFIC (Sprinx server-based solution), Sprinx Traffic AID enables simultaneous event detection and data collection.



Video Detection Configuration

Sprinx Traffic AID provides an intuitive web user interface where users can easily provide the informations needed for the calibration of the system, draw the region-of-interest (zones of detection), configure the detection parameters and view the Event Journal.

Traffic Data Integration

Sprinx Traffic AID can send event notifications to third-party systems to quickly alert operators and make instant decisions or to start video recording. Sprinx Traffic AID can be fully integrated into Sprinx Traffic Management Platform.





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