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Sprinx Traffic Data

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HomeSolutionsAutomatic Incident DetectionSprinx Traffic Data

Sprinx Traffic Data

Sprinx Traffic Data is an edge-based application running on-board all Hanwha Techwin high definition Wisenet X cameras. It allows to keep track of vehicles moving in the camera field of view, providing information about counting, classification and average speed.
Based on the field proven video detection technology of SX-TRAFFIC (Sprinx server-based solution), Sprinx Traffic Data enables simultaneous data collection on 2 independent lanes (also in both directions of travel).

Focused for Smart City environment, it enables the collection of statistic data about vehicle flow.


Video Detection Configuration

Sprinx Traffic Data provides an intuitive web user interface where users can easily provide the informations needed for the calibration of the system and draw the region-of-interest (zones of detection). Video analytic settings and comprehensive graphs and charts can also be accessed through the same interface.

Traffic Data Integration

Sprinx Traffic Data collects informations in the internal SD card. It’s possible to extract this data in several formats (CSV, XML, JSON, etc.). It’s also possible to send these data through TCP messages.



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