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Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Cameras

A thermal imaging camera is a state-of-the-art camera with high core technology, which captures images by detecting the energy difference of the infrared rays radiated by the target and the background within the visual field, then converting this into an electronic signal and finally into a digital image. This feature makes thermal cameras less sensitive to atmospheric agents such as variations of light, shadows and fog allowing the use of video analytics 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Sprinx Technologies is able to provide one of the best surveillance solutions on the market based on thermal imaging cameras. Sprinx thermal cameras are equipped with various features to fit a wide range of needs: weatherproof fixed cameras (analog and IP), PTZ cameras and multisensor fixed and PTZ cameras.
Sprinx Technologies can also supply one of the world's first thermal imaging IP cameras combining thermal imaging technology with state-of-the-art intelligent video analytics expressly designed for: perimeter surveillance, port security, airports, border security, costal surveillance, oil refinery, roadway surveillance and traffic monitoring.

Video Analytics with Thermal Camera

Traffic Monitoring with Thermal Camera

Bridge Surveillance with Fog

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