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Total Video Monitoring

Total Video Monitoring

Sprinx TVM is a web-based innovative monitoring platform for integrated management at enterprise level of video surveillance and security systems over IP networks. Network cameras, video encoders, digital video recorders, networks decoders (connected to Control Room monitors) and intelligent video systems (automatic incident detection, number plate recognition, …) are managed through a central unit based on a web server.
TVM can configure and activate alarm salvos, video sequences, switch camera streams to monitors and manage alarms according to rules and operator rights.
Additionally, TVM server is able to communicate with 3rd party systems (Tunnel SCADA, ITS platforms or Tunnel Monitoring and Control System) using standard protocols and thus allows full integration of the intelligent video surveillance system into a more complex architecture.
The web graphical interface can be fully customised depending on the system architecture and its components.

TVM Software Architecture


Key Features

Sprinx TVM allows operators:

  • to automatically access to real-time images of incidents detected by Sprinx AID solutions
  • to play-back recorded videos of events archived by Sprinx DOMINO NVRs
  • to be alerted (pop-up and audible alarm) if LPR smart cameras recognise a vehicle carrying dangerous goods

Some Examples of TVM User Interface

ANAS Lombardy Tunnels
Highway N1 Cityring Luzern
Highway N2-N4 (Gotthard Road Tunnel)


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