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  (Spirit of Research and Innovation)

Sprinx is an Italian Independent Software Vendor (ISV), specialised in designing and providing video intelligent software platforms able to analyse the mobility of vehicles and people. Our powerful and innovative Deep Leaning module combined with the 3D object tracking technology has significantly enhanced the ability to collect statistical data and automatically detect events.
Born in 2009, Sprinx has earned a leading role in the world market by acquiring international awards for the innovative value of its solutions. Thanks to its internal R&D Department, with high-profile figures in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Sprinx is one of the few players capable of providing solutions for intelligent monitoring of the people and vehicles mobility in the Traffic and Transportation industries but also in the Private and Public sectors. Sprinx is present with its technology in over 15 countries worldwide and has provided over 8,000 video analysis channels thanks to its added-value local partners.

Sprinx is able to offer such services as:

  • System Design & Integration
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support
  • Consulting & Training

Our Solutions



Deep Learning based solution to detect proximity (respect of social distancing), crowded areas and traffic density. Adaptive with existing cameras.



Deep Learning based solution for Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection, designed for highways, tunnels & smart cities.



Server-based solution for Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection, designed for roads, highways and tunnels.



Edge-based application running on-board CCTV smart cameras for Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection.


Our Fields Of Expertise


With its in-house R&D division, SprinxLab, staffed by a highly qualified team of technical experts, Sprinx Technologies offers the most innovative technologies in video content analysis, automatic incident detection and car plate recognition. With years of expertise in system design, Sprinx is able to compose various software and hardware modules "like Lego® blocks" to address any specific need.
Sprinx designs software infrastructures that exploit and potentiate the capabilities (while also enhancing management efficiency) offered by hardware architectures, providing high level technological solutions for integrated security systems. Moreover, Sprinx has the capabilities and expertise to achieve a perfect equilibrium between hardware and software functionalities, expected performance levels, and economic competitivity.

Sprinx Technologies conducts proof-of-concept studies to determine the optimum hardware, software and networking solutions for the customer's video management needs, meeting not only current requirements but also preparing the architecture for possible future implementations.
Exercising its high-level specialized expertise in video management, video analysis, and network infrastructure, Sprinx offers in-depth studies backed up by technical reports, system diagrams, block diagrams, and schematic construction drawings. The design of ad hoc solutions represents a point of excellence that is the fruit of the professionalism of Sprinx Technologies in-house structures: SprinxLab and Customer Service.

With internal personnel highly specialized in video management, video analysis, and networking, Sprinx Technologies offers cutting-edge support capabilities to Design Studios in feasibility analysis and engineering design, keeping them abreast of the most innovative, sophisticated and appropriate technologies in the sector. Sprinx also provides training to ensure that its applications are immediately, effectively and efficiently usable by the customer. Sprinx's classroom and/or on-site training is personalized to the specific users, and includes the provision of dedicated manuals.

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